Since it was founded in 1947, LG Chem has grown to become the leader in the chemical industry in Korea. They built a global network for production, sales, and R&D, and have provided globally competitive products such as ABS, polarizers and EV battery cells.

LG Chem’s departments range from Basic Materials & Chemicals business to Energy Solutions, IT and Electronic Materials and recently has expanded its business into Life Science area, building a future-oriented business portfolio. In the long term, they will build the foundation for sustainable growth by selecting and concentrating on the ‘energy’, ‘water’ and ‘bio’ businesses as the new growth engines.

LG Chem is committed to becoming a global company that realizes the vision of “growing with customers by providing innovative materials and solutions” and provides new values to customers.

As part of its Energy Solution department, LG Chem was the first to produce lithium-ion batteries in Korea. Now, they succeed in manufacturing some of the world’s best batteries for portable electronics, electric vehicles, and home/commercial/grid storage.

LG Chem Products

IT Battery

  • Mobile phone
  • Electric tools
  • Electric bicycle
  • Smart watch

Advanced Automotive Battery

  • Cell
  • Module/Pack/Rack
  • Battery Management System

ESS Battery

  • Cell
  • Module/Pack/Rack
  • Battery Management System

LG Chem Team

  • Youngduk Kim

    Vice President
    Technology Strategy

  • Sungrok Bang

    Open Innovation Team

  • Yujong Kim

    Open Innovation Team


This challenge is administered in part with CalCharge, a program of the California Clean Energy Fund (CalCEF).

CalCharge is a groundbreaking public-private partnership working to accelerate the development, commercialization, and adoption of new energy storage technologies for the consumer, transportation, and grid markets. CalCharge brings together emerging and established companies, academic and research institutions, government agencies, and other key stakeholders to spur advanced manufacturing and increase the growth of the energy storage sector.

Through its programs, CalCharge creates a “center of gravity” for the California energy storage cluster that enables these diverse stakeholders to collaborate, identify barriers to emerging technology success, develop solutions, and help provide access to resources that clear the path to commercialization. The goal – a thriving California energy storage cluster that is a key driver of industry and market growth globally.

Calcharge Team

  • Danny Kennedy

    Managing Director

  • Hendrik Tiesinga

    Program Director

  • Andrew Chang

    Program Manager

  • Christina Borsum


  • Lily Lu

    Program Assistant